Oak Manor Farms

Visit a healthfood store in Ontario, or the healthfood section at Zehr’s grocery stores, and chances are you’ll see a complete line of Oak Manor products. Oak Manor was founded in Oxford County in 1943, and was one of the first to bring electricity to the community for their dairy and seed cleaning farm. Pioneer’s in farming techniques, they were also one of the first to introduce chemical farming, virtually unheard of in the 1950′s.

After much soul (and soil)-searching in the 1970′s, a heart wrenching decision was made — Oak Manor farms would return to its roots and to organic farming. They now market a complete line of Organic flours, cereals and grains across Ontario.


756907 Oxford County Road #5, R.R. #1 Tavistock ON N0B 2R0
Phone: (519) 662-2385 • Toll-Free: 1(877) 625-6455
Website: oakmanorfarms.ca
Email: oakmanor@golden.net
GPS: N43° 19.384 W 80° 44.155