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Oxford Fresh is a group of chefs, growers and processors and they are hooked on flavour! Our chefs are hungry to create a cuisine based on food full of unique, Oxford flavour.

OxfordFresh's Recipes

Are you starved for some tasty recipes using local food?

Here is a collection of easy-to-use recipes featuring local ingredients.

Oxford County’s Cheese Trail

Say Cheese! Explore Oxford’s County’s Cheese Trail…

Eat artisanal local food!

From field to fork, celebrating local food in Oxford County!

From creative chefs to innovative farmers, crafty processors, colourful farmers’ markets and friendly shopkeepers, everyone has a story to share. Spend a couple of days travelling our back roads. By all means bring your cooler. And if you’d like to keep in touch with the food scene in Oxford, why not follow us on Facebook, Twitter and on our Blog.

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